Wake Up Baguio! By Michael A. Bengwayan

Wake Up Baguio!
By Michael A. Bengwayan

My Fellow Baguio Citizens,

Regardless of one’s religious or intellectual inclinations, it is difficult to disbelieve that humans somehow fit  into a grand scheme governed over by a power which few if any of us understand.  That is how it is with the fate of 182 trees awaiting death and destruction by the hands of a giant corporation like SM.

At this time, three score and ten on this earthly sphere, our intelligence, which should be at a better level, is towards preventing death. Not creating it. That our consciousness should have advanced, not receded,  towards a new awareness and a deeper understanding of things. In our search for lasting economic gain, we test the waters of damnation and hell  by choosing promiscuity over the creation of the Maker.

We seek to leave this world better than we found it. We seek to make it safer, cleaner, more productive and more sustainable. Others however,  use a gross form of rationalization used by the bastardly to justify their voluntary lack of worldly care and acceptance of inaction.

But we are not like them. We are from Baguio. Either born, cared, reared or have migrated to this 129 square kilometer of beauty crowned by pine trees,  we do not  accept limitation or inability to become enthusiastic over a cause or calling. We only have to exert effort. It takes effort to feel right about everything that happens–the joy as well as the sorrows of life. It also takes effort to learn to love other creation. And effort to save creation.

On the other hand, it does not take effort to fail. It requires a little else than a slowly deteriorating attitude about our present, our future, and the future of others.  By attitude, we decide to try or give up. By attitude, we decide to care or not to care. Our attitude determines whether we love or don’t care. And by our own attitude, we and we alone actually decide whether to succeed or fail.

If we let those 182 trees die, nothing can stop the remaining trees from  ending the same fate. We will have the Baguio we deserve. But if we rise up and say NO, enough of the cutting of trees,  our future generation will have a better Baguio they  richly deserve.

How incredibly unique that God who created the complex and immense universe  would create a human race and give to those humans  the free choice that would permit them to select their own achievement or destruction.

You have a choice to make. Join us on February 5. Join Project Save 182. God is on our side.