There is nothing more that I like doing than caring for the earth. I love planting. I love working to see to it that soil is not wasted away by slides, erosion and mudflows.  Whether I plant trees, crops or anything that has roots reaching out for the soil. I like feeling the soil in my hands knowing how much it does to make the world live.  The soil is treated by most people as worthless. They walk on it, tramp it,  dump their trash on it, dig and throw it away, build buildings and choke it. People bomb it, kill all that live in it. yet at the end of the day, the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the things they use and need, come from Mother Earth’s unrecognized, disrespected, uncared soil.

What a shame.


7 responses to “Earth-Healer

  1. Extremely well said. Regretably far too many people fail to recognize the need to maintain a harmonious balance with Mother Earth.

  2. Absolutely right! Mother Earth is the source of our lives and provide everything to live well. Some capitalist system abuse and exploit that have caused great destruction and disruption of Mother Earth.

  3. Warmest Greetings!

    I am Kim Joseph Villanueva, a 4th year BS Architecture student from The University of Santo Tomas – College of Architecture (UST-CA). I am currently doing a research in the subject Research Methodology for Architecture as a partial requirement for my thesis.

    My thesis aims to create a center where it shall be a medium to educate and promote environmental awareness among Filipinos. With that being said, I have conceived the idea of developing the “PINE TREE, The Cordillera Ecological Centre” as a venue which will reflect its mission through architecture; by providing proper educational facilities, promoting conservation of the environment and at the same time a heightened visitor’s experience by providing new and innovative facilities to complement needs of its users and the existing landscape. My thesis will also study on how it will adapt the geographical and cultural conditions of the site and its community without taking risk of its natural condition.

    I am aware about the environmental issues in our country. Hence, as an architecture student I would like to do my part by promoting environmental awareness through architecture. And an interview and discussion with you would certainly be a very helpful and significant part of my research. Therefore, I would like to request to have a scheduled interview session at your convenient date and time.

    Thank you for your consideration and for taking time to read this request. I shall appreciate your reply. You may contact me through mail:; or through my cell phone: 0916-6664302.

  4. I m touched and inspired by the work and advocacy of Sir Michael Bengwayan. I hope to meet him someday and share and discuss how we could work together to advance the vision, mission and goal in caring for people and for the earth.

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