No Trees… No Baguio… No Home by Michael A. Bengwayan



5 responses to “No Trees… No Baguio… No Home by Michael A. Bengwayan

  1. Hello sir,

    We can extend the functionalities of this blog so it will automatically post in ATAD. at least you’ll have back up of your posts and the comments as well.

    We can add security features and back up features.

  2. Excellent way to put the message across. BBC World has exposed the fact that illegal logging continues in Iligan two months after the disaster there. Wake up Philippines, not just Baguio. The rest of the World can see that Filipinos cause their own landslide and flooding disasters. I did my bit today. I forced a jeepney full of illegal chopped pine to turn around, go back to where it was filled and be emptied, and leave our area empty. The driver had a simple choice – do as told or I would get the police post to stop him and confiscate his vehicle. I was not here to stop the trees being chopped, it makes me very angry, but I will not let anyone profit from that illegal activity. If a foreigner like me can do that, then so can every Filipino. You have to start by ending illegal activity within your own communities. There can be no sacred cows – and that includes family or friends..

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