Calm Beyond a Storm by Michael A. Bengwayan

Calm Beyond a Storm

By Michael A. Bengwayan

I’m up early as usual, but today, wishing to see a miracle in the US Open–Tiger 1 up yesterday just went four notches down. I woke up to no electricity–which just came back 30 ticks earlier. Lightning and thunder. Can’t see the mountains for the rain clouds. The weather turns vision inward – though just a bit blurred – where beauty is found in the ordinary.

Rainy days are my favorites too. There’s something about the whistling wind, something just mysterious about the splatter and pitter patter of rain gushes and the droplets on the window that is calming. And so relaxed and inspired. A walk in the rain, in fact, is good for the soul, against all doctors’ advice. In rainy Ireland, I once wondered why people ran in the rain, play soccer in the rain, bike in the rain, until I got used to it I found myself running in the rain.

A stormy weather can be very cleansing and thought provoking. It will remind you of that hot coffee, when the first chill hits your spine. And I have no inadequacy of that in Longlong. As well as the thick fog that beclouds the mind.

To most, a rainy weather makes a dull day. But not me. When the sky is cloudy and grey, the lighting effect on skies can be crazy.. …there is a certain beauty in on cloudy days. It is a challenge to open the glass door and step out to face the wind and rain which I just did an hour ago. I stood outside for ten minutes trying to hear the call of the thunder storm raging around me.

It was lovely outside; cool and breezy and wet. The dark pine trees stood, resisting every wind that shot through them.

Unlike last year, June is wetter this year than usual. Personally, I am thrilled about the rain. It gives me confidence that none of the trees to be planted over the past months will die from lack of water. It gives me confidence that my new vegie patch will survive. The cooler weather is exquisite after the extreme heat of the past few summers.

The weather today reminds us that the hot and muggy days are over–the storm that clears the air and makes everything fresh and clean for the new day. It reminds me that life is made up of stormy and sunny weather and we can choose to remember the good times in the midst of a storm. I don’t know what people do on summer or dreary days; One thing I can say is that the weather makes me think about creation and the beauty of it.