My Family

The person I have entrusted my weaknesses is Grace Taguba. She will be graduating this year for her doctorate study on immigration.

My eldest,  Abigail, is the secretary general of the Cordillera Peoples’ Alliance. She graduated from the University of the Philippines.

The second is Grail, a teacher at Saint Vincent, Baguio City.

Phyllis is my 3rd child. She wil be graduating in medicine this year from Saint Louis University.

The only boy Michael Jr. will also graduate from SLU with a degree in Information Technology.

The last, Frances, will graduate this year from the Cordillera Regional Science High School.


11 responses to “My Family

  1. Grace just finished her doctoral degree in Rural Development on Migration Studies. Phyllis graduated with honors equivalent to magna cum laude in medicine. Michael jr. also graduated with full recognition in Information Technology. Frances graduates from science high school and will take up BS Biology.

  2. Hello po, nabasa ko po yung yahoo news tungkol sa petroleum nut nyo po, link is at–the-revolutionary-environmentalist.html

    Basing sa comment po marami interested na suportahan kayo, maybe gusto nyo mag drop ng comment kung pano daw po kayo ma kontak at saan po ba mabibili yung petroleum nut. Napakagaling po ng iyong natuklasan, nakakatulong po xa sa kalikasan.

    Isa po akong OFW sa Singapore, hindi man po ako makakatanim dyan sa atin pero at least I can help you spread the word para kung sino man ang nasa Pinas ay masuportahan po ang inyong hangarin. God bless you and your family…

  3. Hello, Mr. Bengwayan. I came across your name in yahoo’s “Best Pitong Pinoy” and I voted for you after reading your blog. I am amazed at your discovery of the petroleum nut. It’s the same old story of inventors unable to get patent for their products and foreigners getting them instead. I feel very indignant! My grandfather was one of those prolific inventors who never got a single patent for his inventions. We share the same love for plants and trees and the environment. You write well too. Gosh, I have lots to catch up on your blogs. Will share this with family and friends. Thanks! And congratulations on your effort about the Baguio Pine trees. Whew!

    Ms. Irene, do we really have candlenuts in the Philippines? Are these the ones used for Indonesian cooking? I have mine bought pa from Jakarta so I can cook some Indo dishes. We share almost the same environmental conditions with Indonesia so that’s very exciting indeed!

    • Thank you for your support Corr, you are very kind. Sayang if this discovery will not be supported and later on it will be exploited by foreigners. I hope someone out there will help. Thank you so much and I admire what your grandfather has done.

  4. Please don’t give up on the patent. We can’t allow another loss of patent for our country’s own like the ylang-ylang. Maybe, out there in the universe is a lawyer specializing in obtaining patents that can help you out?

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