Frog by the Rock….michael a. bengwayan

Frog by the Rock
…….. michael a. bengwayan

I was sweeping my backyard yesterday when my eyes caught sight of a frog on a rock. It perched over the small goldfish pond I made for my daughter Frances when she was still a teeny tiny. I had no idea what frog it was. Brown with yellow streaks and big eyes. It watched me. And continued watching. I watched back.

I thought it was lucky to be on that warm slate, a place a lizard usually idled on. Lucky because my cat was not around anyway. My place is an Eden for most denizens, I have seen a mole; one-Hades-like night, a civet with eyes glaring; a garter snake eating my tomotaoes; a green-winged lizard, a red crab scaling a tree and all sorts of flying and crawling critters. That is because I live right next to a forest.

With overexposure threatening the land’s remaining wild places, it is not easy to see these creatures. The wilderness I live with is shunned by most people who hate the green leeches falling from tree leaves. In a way, it is sad because they don’t get to appreciate it, but I suppose it’s a good thing, considering how many of Nature’s gifts we’ve already managed to kill.

I wondered what the frog wanted to tell me. Was she/he a spirit of the mountain?
I’ve often wondered if Nature isn’t one step ahead of us. Do you think she might, out of sheer spite, decide to wait until these places empty out and close their gates for the day before letting down her guard and revealing her best?

My awe giving way to curiosity, I reached out to touch the frog. It didn’t budge at all. It sat there with eyes glaring past me. I decided it needed water because the pond was dry, so I got a bucket, filled it, and poured it to the pond. The frog jumped right through it. I watched. It took a few kicking strokes and settled on the side. Do frogs always act like this, waiting for a time until they thought they can pick out their own time and relate to humans?

Satisfied, I went back to my sweeping. But barely having my nagging mind answered,. I looked at the pond. The frog was gone.

Was it addressing the spirits of the forest that dwell here? Or was it the spirit?ImageFrog by the Rock…michael a. bengwayan


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