Greeting Earthshine

Greeting Earthshine

Michael A. Bengwayan


I woke up 3 am, the rain at it’s worst. My mind kept telling me I have to meet my deadline now or call it goodbye but the dark  cold four corners of the room and the battle between rain and wind made me retreat back to bed. Nothing is more welcome than a warm cot and two blankets at a time like this. Yet suddenly, I was awake again. It was still. Calm. I peered through the curtains,  there lay the forest. Quiet and at peace. Is the tempest gone? Bred by curiosity,  I  stepped out of the balcony, only to be met by the cold wind which jolted all sleep was left in me. Behold, there are stars in the sky. The rain is gone. So is the fog. Did Helen take it all away? If indeed, it has, it’s a miracle.


Grotesque shadows danced in the forest failing to hide they are but pine branches eagerly waiting for the sun. Will it come? Seeing me, Kingkong stretched all his frame, seven feet long from front to back paws, nudging me, eager for a run. I walked to the  gate and swung it open, Kingkong bolted out,  splashing on the deep puddles that reflect whatever is left of the sky.   


Inside, not a sound but the clock. No movement except the curtains wisps. PAGASA could not have been wrong again. It said moonsoon and heavy rains will linger for a week. If it was,  I’m glad of it. One of the best times that it can be wrong. Beyond the skyline, stratus clouds formed pushing away the stormy nimbus, writing words on the horizon far from any meaning to suit my dull mind’s perfection.


In the twig fortress, a cricket, nay, two Jiminys cry out, making up for lost time wasted by rainy days. I think back of my family, my grandson, perhaps with cirrus hair still cuddled asleep, lulled by the rain’s gently patters on the eaves last night.


Life is full of beauty. I can’t help noticing it. Beyond the billion stars, is always the sun. Welcoming. Today, I shall notice the bumblebee. The fallen millions of pine needles. Smell the departed rain,  and feel the wind in my face. I shall live my live once again, to its full potential. And fight for dreams that shine for life.





2 responses to “Greeting Earthshine

  1. “Fight for dreams that shine for life.” I like that! Through your blog, I relive the city of my childhood in the ’50s. Salamat, Dr. Bengwayan. I hope to meet you on another visit to Baguio. The last time was in November last year, to see the sunflowers along Kennon Road that the late Oscar M. Hamada planted when he was DENR regional director.

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