Save the 1,000 Pine Trees of La trinidad, benguet, Philippines

Join :Project 1,000. Help Save 1,000 pine trees in La Trinidad.

Dear Co-Citizen of La Trinidad,

At a time of most pressing urgency that trees in our environment must be planted and those living be preserved because of the aggravating natural hazards like erosion and landslides that have killed so many lives and destroyed so much property, in La Trinidad, (especially at Longlong in 2009), there is a plan by a group of BSU employees who formed an association to put up a housing project at Ampassit and Longlong. According to BSU president Dr. Ben Ladilad, the project may affect some 1,000 trees. The word “affect” may mean kill, harm or destroy those 1,000 pine trees.

At this point, may I invite you to join Project SAVE 1,000. It will be a group of people wanting to save the t1,000 trees, similar to Project Save 182 which I started in Baguio City to save the 182 pine trees at Luneta Hill from being killed by SM.

We will protest, rally, and speak out against the destruction of those trees. We will urge the municipal government not to approve any building permit. We wil educate La Trinidad citizens more on the value and importance of trees. We will do it for the children of tomorrow and leave a safe legacy for the future. Join us. Submit your names now.


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