Project SAVE 182

Project SAVE 182: The Continuing Fight Against Cutting and Earth-balling of Trees by SM at Luneta

Date February 5, 301, 9:00 am
Venue: Pine Trees of the World Area, Burnham Park, Baguio City
Activity: Tree Planting, Prayer Rally, Live Concert (Treestock)
Type : Family, Community, Friends

In a symbolic support for the trees intended to be cut, earthballed and harmed by SM as allowed by city government and DENR, we will plant 182 pine trees in Burnham Park to dramatize the protest. We will pray as a community to protest the harming, balling or cutting of the trees. Let not be our city allowed of its trees to be simply cut and destroyed by outsiders. Show you love trees, show you care. MAKI-ISA NA!


3 responses to “Project SAVE 182

  1. Hello, I work for ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs. We plan to cover the planting of the seedlings on Feb 5. Whom can I talk to for coordination purposes? Thank you!

  2. I have not seen the SM plans but it seems to me that they can probably be made to look very insincere in their claims to building a “green” extension, and perhaps this US “green” agency needs to be told what is going on so they do not get their desired certification. When we built out house we deliberately designed and located it to preserve two existing pine trees, mutilated as they were due to branched having been chopped of by people in the past for pollution causing firewood. Those trees have since recovered and now look more natural. If we can do that then so can SM and any other developer for that matter. As an international construction specialist, my simple observation is that SM could already build a substantial extension in phases using areas adjacent to the existing mall that are currently open areas and which would not involve cutting any trees – for example, building over the top of the ATM and MarketFresh Area, and various access roads. Similarly, the outside elevated promenades could have their restaurants converted to shops and the restaurants potentially relocated such that there could be outdoor eating areas surrounding the retained pine trees – a much more pleasant eating experience for locals and tourists alike. By pro-actively making such suggestions after reviewing their plans and possibilities, it seems to me that SM could be pressured with the help of the council to change their plans and create a win-win scenario for everyone. As we both know, planning policy here is very very poor (almost non-existent) compared to developed nations. In the UK for example, “greenbelt areas” are strictly preserved and preservation orders are placed on old and significant trees to prevent their destruction in any way. Also each municipality, area etc has its own planning bylaws which dictate that new buildings must be in harmony with the existing buildings and the natural environment. If people of Baguio want to maintain the pine tree environment they need to push for local planing restrictions to be introduced and recognize that they too will have to abide by the same rules. At the moment everyone is attacking SM but there are many others who have cut trees that are not being named. For example I have read comments elsewhere that SLU and Goshen removed a lot of pine trees at Bakakeng for their buildings. If that is true then there is a wider issue that needs addressing to prevent the same happening again. There has to be a local policy on what people want and it needs to be adhered to without exception. We have warmer temperatures and more erratic typhoons and typhoon seasons and what many people are failing to observe is that the massive deforestation in mountainous areas of the Philippines has undoubtedly caused increased air temperatures and those increased temperatures are most probably having an adverse influence on typhoon tracks because typhoons tracks are affected by temperature increases – both land and air. Plant trees and reduce land temperatures and maybe the impact of typhoons can be mitigated.

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