First Cordillera Pine Tree Festival


December 17 – 18, 2011

Benguet State University Grounds & Longlong Communal Forest

La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines


–          Seminars and symposia on status of pine forests in the region, indigenous forest conservation practices, environmental laws, pine tree researches, forestry strategies in pine tree management and conservation.

–       Essay, poem, song writing; on-the-spot painting, battle of bands, photography, cultural  dances

–       Eco-ducation and eco-trekking at Longlong Communal forest, tree planting

–       Parade, canao, concert for the pines, bonfire

–        Exhibits and sales of eco-friendly products

–      More than 5,000 participants expected to attend   from two cities and six provinces



15 October 2011

Dear Friends,

I am writing to inform you that a very important activity is upcoming in relation to conservation of trees and forests in our region.  This is the First  Cordillera Pine Tree Festival, the first ever which will be held at the Benguet State University (BSU) grounds, La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines from Dec. 17 – 19, 2011. It is in recognition to the ecological, economic, socio and cultural contributions of the pine tree to the people and the region. All six provinces are involved including Tabuk and Baguio cities. It will feature major activities like eco-ducation on indigenous forest conservation practices,  seminars on environmental laws, eco-walks, and competitions for students on song, poetry, essay writing, nature photography, on the spot painting, exhibit of eco-friendly products, cultural dances and art crafts. You can read more about it at Google by searching “Cordillera Pine Tree Festival”.

All provinces and cities in the Cordillera Administrative Region will send delegates to compete in the said event and the educational activities will be bolstered by a tree planting and eco walks at Longlong Communal Forest.

I am writing you to request donations from your end. You can send it to the Festival account at Philippine National Bank, La Trinidad, Benguet Branch, Account No. 48712000019.  Please help us raise funds for the said noble activity. The funds will be used to cover the seminars and symposium, to accommodate the provincial competitors and for prizes for the winners. The activity is aimed at bolstering the image of the region on eco-tourism and to bring back once more pine trees in our region.

Thank you so much.

Michael A. Bengwayan, Ph. D.


Cordillera Ecological Center


Cordillera Ecological Center & A Tree A Day FB Group

No. 237 Longlong, Puguis, La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines

E-mail Address:


4 responses to “First Cordillera Pine Tree Festival

  1. Michael, I wish you every success with your pine tree festival. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend as I will be travelling overseas. Today was a very sad day for pine trees in Bato, Longlong. I witnessed barangay officials use a chainsaw to cut down a “dead” pine tree on private land. I have used the word “dead” because that pine tree and another one nearby were very much alive just 17 months ago. Regretably they seem to have been deliberately killed by the people who I understand moved to that location from the Little Kibungan disaster area. Apparently they had the misguided idea that pine needles falling onto the roofs of their newlybuilt houses cause damage to the galvanized sheeting. If only they had more wisely painted their roofing to stop it eventually rusting and we would still have those two pine trees to admire. I am deeply saddened by how many mature pine trees have now been destroyed for these relocated people. I have photographs that evidence this environmental destruction. I have always been puzzled as to why these people relocated to their current location as it has a history of landslides including several that occurred during Pepeng – one can only hope that their foolish felling of the existing pine trees will not result in a repeat landslide disaster. I look forward to the day that our barangay and municipal officials will pay the same attention to protecting the environment outside the communal forest as they do within. From my own experience of improving the natural environment within our own family property, we are now visited by the Narcissus Flycatcher, two varieties of Sunbird, North Luzon Water Redstart, Blue Rock Thrush, Lowland White Eyes, buttonquail, Mountain shrikes, longtailed shrikes, brown shrikes, Elegant Tits, doves, owls, cuckoos and many other birds, butterflies, snakes and mammals. This happens because they have a safe habitat to thrive in and a great variety of insects and nectar foods available. Hopefully the petroleum tree that we got from you several years ago will produce some nuts this year. Sadly in nearby areas the natural habitat continues to be destroyed every year by people who violate national, provincial, municipal and barangay environmental laws and burn the vegetation, including within highly bio-diverse creek areas, and while our local government officals turn a blind eye.

    • Hello Roger,

      So nice of you to write. Yes, I am equally saddened when I see trees being cut and forests being burned. I am trying my best to change a bit of that but man, oh’s sure difficult. But I am a bit successful with the younger generation. i hope I can maintain this level of energy. Wow, those birds sure have found a home in your place. I live just near a forest and I get to see birds of different kinds, visiting my garden and trees , most from migration,, and they give me that giddy boyish feeling every morning. It sure is a sight to be seeing all of them. Once I see a civet cat prowling for my chicken, a monitor lizard and even a bushy tailed cloud rat. yes, my place is really a stamping ground now that it is full of trees. I hope one day I can invite you to my forest coffee farm in Tublay. It appears that here in Longlong we are the only two of a kind, everybody wants money and they are hell bent on destroying anything..Thanks for the letter..hope to bump into you one time..Oh mabel’s brownies and muffins sure tasted good.. have anice day ahead.

  2. Hi Michael, I am sending Calendula seeds. You may include these in a prize for the festival. I will add your blog address to CHRANIS Blog. This way members and online peeps will see we can work together. The Administrators are thrilled with Ecoinggreen fellowship. We are going to apply Dec. 5. You were right, with all intents and purpose we seem to qualify. Thank you very much. Felecia.

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