The President Wants To Know What His People Think

When President Noynoy said he wanted his cabinet people to undergo media seminar, it was not only because of the inexpereinced handling of his spokesman Atty. EdwinLacierda and DEPED Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro of the media.

Rather, P-Noy  meant more than just media relations. He meant that his Cabinet should be able to to improve relations with everybody and get the message across to the citizenry.

He wants all  public servants  to communicate effectively with the Filipino people, with all the sectors that comprise his new constituency, especially the masses, even while he acknowledges that mass media are vital vehicles.

He expressed that  “We want to engage the people on the agenda that we have — so the best way is through you — and to communicate what the plans are, the time frame. Not just the substance, the form is also very important.”

Meaning, his main concern  is effective and efficient two-way communications with his constituents.

Good media relations are simply a means for achieving that objective.

As a communication practitioner myself,  I strongly support his move and welcome it. I also hope that P-Noy create a group in his government that will establish an organic network of experienced and talented communicators from the fire service, law enforcement, utilities, public health, disaster and crisis aid, and emergency management professions to offer exceptional training experiences. This will foster collaboration between agencies that respond to crises by means of social networking tools, as collaboration is paramount to successful mitigation.


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