My Hometown

I was born in Baguio City, a place I actually consider as a small town pretending to be a city. It is becuase it is just 149 square kilometers and was made to accomodate only 25,000. It was a beautiful place then, before, with pine trees and pine scent; crisp, nippy fresh air every morning, clean parks and roads and friendly neighborhood.

It is not so today. It is polluted, heavily populated, crime-laden, trash-strewn and dotted with un-uniform buildings and houses.

I often ask myself “Quo vadis Baguio”? In our rat-race we forgot how to preserve your beauty. Greed, mismanagement, apathy and culture of neglect are fast destroying the place I love so much with irreversible results.

One of the things I have done to help infect the city with green again is to raise tree seedlings. But alas, I discovered there are very few places to plant trees. Most of the land have been sold off to settlers.


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