Countries where I studied, worked at and visited

When I was young, I never dreamt of going to college.  We were poor and could barely have the basic things we needed. So, to  study abroad was a wild imagination. But after finishing college through a state scholarship, I went on to study in four different countries. First, for my second  my masters degree; second for a post masteral diploma’ third for my doctorate and then for two post doctorate studies. I consider myself very, very blessed indeed.

I also was able to work abroad in the field of rural development, journalism and environment and sustainable agriculture. Here are the countries that I have gone to:

1. United States

2. Ireland

3. United Kingdom

4. France

5. Netherlands

6. Germany

7. Italy

8. Belgium

9. Luxemburg

10. Sweden

11. Netherlands

12. China

13. India

14. Nepal

15. Taiwan

16. Indonesia

16. Malaysia

17. Korea

18. Tanzania

19. Hongkong

20. Japan

21. Denmark

22. Brunei


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